Tattoo aftercare Guide

Please wash your hands each time you are going to touch your tattoo

A tattoo is a wound and needs to be cared for as any other open wound.  Dirty hands carry bacteria that is often the cause of infection. 

​For the first three days, please wash your tattoo about every two hours with cold water and an anti-bacterial soap. Gently wash your tattoo until the scab that has formed is completely dissolved each time you wash it.  Rinse the tattoo very will with cold water to make sure that no soap residue remains on the tattoo. 

 On the fourth day you will start only washing two times a day.  these washings should also be done with cold water and anti-bacterial soap.  Continue washing two times a day until scabbing is finished.  

Your tattoo artist has placed a bandage on your tattoo, and it needs to remain on your tattoo for at least 1 hour, and no more than 8 hours.  As soon as the bandage is removed, the tattoo will need to e washed for the 1st time.  Wash your hands and then only using a bare hand and a soft touch, wash you tattoo until the scabbing has dissolved and your tattoo feels smooth.  When the tattoo feels smooth, rinse well to ensure that there is no soap residue left on the tattoo. Pat dry and keep cool and dry until the next washing. 

After the first 3 days, move to the next step of the washing process, 2-4 times a day and if the tattoo is dry and itch apply a very, very small amount of Lubriderm lotion.  If lotion is applied, check it 10 Minutes after application and if there is any moisture residue blot it away with a paper towel.  The residue indicates the tattoo has soaked up all the lotion it needs and is trying to shed the moisture it doesn't need.  To much lotion or leaving  the surface moisture on the tattoo will cause infection.  Continue the second step of healing until there is no longer active scabbing or flaking being created by the tattoo.  This surface healing typically takes 7-10 days.  Your tattoo will take 6 weeks to fully heal. 

During the healing time of your tattoo follow these guidelines:

       - no picking or scratching the tattoo, Piking and scratching removes the healing scab before the tattoo is ready to         release it.  This leaves behind a void or light area where the ink was removed with the scab.  It also causes scar tissue which makes touching up your tattoo difficult. 

     - No swimming, bathtubs, saunas, long showers or excessive sweating.  All of these activities increase the chance of infection and also causes a thick scab that is difficult to heal.  

     - Avoid natural sunlight and tanning beds. Exposure to UV light rays will cause sunburn and degradation of the tattoo pigments. 


 it is not just a decoration on your skin.  If you have any questions about your healing tattoo please stop in and see us or call 608-348-TATT (8288) and we would be happy to help you.  Care of an infected tattoo is different that caring for a regularly healing tattoo or a regular wound, and as professional tattoo artists we can guide you with advice on how to proceed with your healing process.