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Mysticman Tattoo and Piercing would like to introduce you to,  Jessica Kilian. Jessica is our new Permanent Make-up artist.  Jessica was born and raised in the Platteville area.  She served in the United States Navy from 2001-2009, and has done 3 deployments over seas.  Jessica has recently moved back to Platteville to raise her son, who is going to school at the Platteville Middle School.  

Jessica adds an energetic and passionate piece to the Mysticman team puzzle.  She is committed to customer service and making sure that you are comfortable during your Permanent Make-up service appointment. 

Is Permanent  Make-up right for you? 

Permanent  cosmetics can benefit many people.  Besides the people who enjoy the ease of not having to apply eyeliner, eyebrows or lip color...the following groups of people find that permanent cosmetics allow them to have the benefit of make-up with out the difficulties of daily application. 

  • people who have dexterity issues like Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and Essential Tremor disorder. 
  • people with eyesight issues who have trouble seeing to apply make-up and people who wear contacts and make up drys out their eyes. 
  • people who play sports or exercise and "sweat off" their makeup. 
  • people who have allergies to traditional cosmetics. 

Permanent cosmetics can be either subtle or bold...the style is up to you!